A few words with some of the people I’ve worked with.
“If there’s someone who embodies passion within the field of geopolitics, it is definitely Diego. His profound theoretical knowledge, amalgamated with practical, real-world experience, makes him a wise mentor, capable of orienting those who are excited about international affairs. In this vein, Diego is definitely a role model. “
Dareck, graduate student
“Working with Diego has been a real pleasure. It is not common to come across someone like him, who possesses both strong analytical rigor, and a truly adventurous spirit in his pursuits for geopolitical ordinance. It is this spirit that had brought him to numerous excursions, including countries like Iran and Afghanistan, but more importantly, differentiates Diego from many country-specific specialists with his broad worldview. “
Z.Z Senior Analyst
“I have worked alongside Diego in his capacity as both an analyst of geopolitical trends and a provider of field-based information. He has a sharp, incisive intellect and broad, intricate knowledge of numerous regions and conflict dynamics. Diego is quite skilled at navigating complex situations and new settings. He is extremely professional in all of his dealings. I would highly recommend him.”
Evan, Analyst
“Mr. Diego Solis is a true global analyst and very passionate about geopolitics in some of the world's most war-torn countries.”
Paulo, scholar
“Diego combines immaculate professionalism with top notch field research and analytical skills. I am proud to endorse him for any future endeavors because he is a man of integrity who constantly strives to deliver the best product possible.”
Stephen, researcher
“I have never come across someone like Diego Solis before. Here for once is that rare intelligence professional who combines the analytical rigor of a keen logical mind with a gregarious and outgoing personality, which makes him impossible not to like. I am always left in awe by the depths to which Diego will go on his field research missions--including venturing into active theaters of war such as Afghanistan--to find the facts, learn the truth, and slip into the local culture in a way few of us are capable of doing.”
Faisel, writer