About Diego

“Navigating you through your career challenges, exploring your enormous potential.“
Diego R. Solis
Since 2011 I’ve been fortunate to achieve my job-related dreams within the international affairs industry—one of the toughest industries to find a job.

Throughout my career I’ve been able to do what many in this industry would dream. Whether this is guiding high-net-worth individuals before investing in an emerging market or delve into a conflict zone as a battle-hardened field researcher, or advising one of the leading global intelligence firms, or conversing with high-ranking diplomats and military leaders about political crises of geopolitical magnitude, all I can say is that I have accomplished what I set my mind to.

However, as easy as it is to pinpoint the times I’ve triumphed, the reality is that I’ve failed many times. I’ve participated in business ventures that weren’t successful and lost what little savings I had, applied to countless jobs and internships with no reply, and worked on projects where, more often than not, economic necessity—and not motivation—was the norm.

Still, in spite of the challenges and frustrations, I never gave up on my dreams. As such, regardless of how tough your career challenges may seem, if a random guy from Guatemala could reach his dreams in the international affairs industry, what stops you from achieving yours?

Although I still work as a geopolitical risk and conflict advisor, amongst my career-related goals is to help those who want to make their job-related dreams come true, especially those who are seeking a job within the international affairs industry. So it is safe to say that my purpose is to make you not only a technically capable and competitive candidate but also to develop your personal strengths.
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